Downtown Indy Cleaning Services

Anyone who lives in Downtown Indy knows there’s something to do or a place to go for every occasion. Whether you want a night out on the town or a relaxing walk around the park, there is something for everyone. 

You don’t want to waste your free time. Unfortunately, though, some of your free time always inevitably goes to cleaning your house or property. 

That’s where the detailed Downtown Indy Cleaning Services of Housekeeping Maid Easy comes in. With our professionals and skilled cleaning team, we’ll have your property shining and sparkling day in and day out so you can focus on doing the things you love.

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Downtown Indy House Cleaning & Maid Services

There’s a reason why people choose Housekeeping Maid Easy for all of their residential cleaning needs — working with us makes life easy. No more worrying about if the toilet paper is restocked for guests or when the last time the microwave was cleaned — we handle that and so much more for you. 

Before we begin your regularly scheduled cleaning, we’ll start with what we call a “catch up” clean where we get to know your home and the areas where the most germs and dirt reside. That way, when we create your cleaning plan, we’ll know the areas that will need the most attention. 

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Downtown Indy cleaning services

When we come and provide your daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning service, these are some of the things we will do: 

  • Handle all floor care
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Dust all areas
  • Wipe down light fixtures, lamps, etc. 
  • Clean all small appliances
  • Scrub down sinks, showers, and bathtubs
  • Clean oven and refrigerator (by special request)

We’ll even change your bedsheets and make your beds for you so you come home to a refreshed and fully cleaned home. 

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Home Organization and Errands

Just when you think working with Housekeeping Maid Easy couldn’t get any better, it does! For an extra fee, we can provide all the home organization and errands that you need to be done as well. 

Some examples of what we can do include:

  • Changing the sheets and making the beds in all the rooms
  • Organizing the pantry
  • Organizing the closets 
  • Organizing the attic or storage spaces

Think about it — a comprehensive cleaning service that includes organizing and running errands. How much better could it get? It’s not something that other cleaning companies offer, which is why Housekeeping Maid Easy is above the rest in our dedicated service. 

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Our Office Cleaning Services

We’ve served several offices throughout Downtown Indy for multiple years who love our service and dedication. We work with our clients to identify what works best for their small offices so they can thrive and feel as though they work in a healthy environment. 

Some of the main things we can do during your cleaning service include: 

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms
  • Replenishing supplies in the bathrooms
  • Vacuuming all floors
  • Mopping or scrubbing all hard floors
  • Removal of trash and relining trash cans
  • Dusting all furniture, wall-hangings, desktops, and other areas as needed
  • Cleaning computer monitors
  • General straightening and organizing of lobbies and similar areas

One of our most loved services is event cleanup. Once you host your event and have a good time, leave the clean up to us and go enjoy the rest of your evening. You’ll walk into a spotless workspace the next morning. 

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Choosing Housekeeping Maid Easy

When you choose Housekeeping Maid Easy, you’re choosing a local cleaning company who will treat you and your property as our own. We never cut corners and always focus on providing a deep clean that lasts.

If our versatile list of services doesn’t showcase to you why to work with us, our testimonials will. Our customers love working with us because we always deliver on what we say, and we’re dedicated to cleaning your space, no matter if you have kids or pets.

Additionally, because we always go above and beyond, we’ve implemented a detailed COVID-19 policy to keep you and your family safe. Following CDC guidelines, our crew members always wear masks and gloves as well as taking the necessary precautions outside of work. 

If at any point you feel dissatisfied with our service or simply have something you need, you can always be open and honest with us. We want to make you happy while providing a clean property like you’ve never had before!

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Trusted Downtown Indy Cleaning Services

It’s time to work with Downtown Indy cleaning services that know what they’re doing and are worth the investment. Not only do you support a local business, but you get a dedicated cleaning team who will make sure you have everything you want in your cleaning plan and so much more. 

Some of our other services include: 

Most importantly, we’ll keep you, your employees, and your family safe while we do so. We’re excited to serve you. Reach out today on our contact page for a free quote.