6 Tips to Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

Spring has finally sprung, and for many of us that means it’s time to tackle spring cleaning. However, while the idea of cleaning your whole home from top to bottom is appealing, the execution can be overwhelming!

Spring Cleaning Tips

We’ve put together some tips to make this big job a little more manageable:


Make a Plan

Before you jump in and start cleaning, think about all the areas in your home that need a spring cleaning, and the best order to tackle them. Go room by room, making a check-list of what needs to be done in each area. This breaks down a big job into smaller chunks and makes the project easier to manage.  This is the time of year to make sure these areas to clean are on your list: hand-wiping all wood work, baseboards, doors, light fixtures and blinds throughout the house.


Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Find and organize the cleaning tools you will need.  Making sure your vacuum has all its accessories and it working properly is a must.  Make sure you have the basic cleaning products on hand you will need-we suggest putting them in a convenient tote that you can carry around with you when cleaning.  A few tools we suggest you have on hand are magic erasers, they are great for removing soap scum from showers and work wonders on painted doors and baseboards, among other uses. Grab a couple of old toothbrushes to detail toilet nobs and tight places there and separate one for faucets and sink drain areas.  Invest in a packet of microfiber dusting cloths.

Declutter Key Spaces:

This is the time to throw out needless papers, junk mail, and things that are cluttering up counter and other surfaces spaces so that you can get down to cleaning them thoroughly.  Donate decorative items, clothes, and things that you really don’t need to keep.


Clean One Room at a Time

The best motivation to finish a big project like spring cleaning is seeing progress. Doing a little bit in each room of your home makes that progress harder to see, and you can end up losing steam and abandoning your spring clean before its finished.

We recommend working in one room at a time. Don’t move on to a new space until you’ve finished the room you’ve started. It doesn’t really change the amount of work that gets done, but it makes a big difference in your motivation. Seeing one room clean and sparkling will motivate you to do even more!


Work Top to Bottom

In each room, we recommend cleaning from top to bottom. That means starting near the ceilings with corners and fans that accumulate dust and cobwebs, and then working your way down. Your last step will be vacuuming or sweeping the floor, catching all the dust and debris that has fallen along the way.


Don’t want or have the time to dedicate a weekend or two to cleaning? Hire an Expert!

Does all of this still sound like more work than you want to take on? We’d love to help you! We can tackle your spring deep clean so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and all our city has to offer.

Maybe you’ve finished your spring cleaning, but now you want to maintain what you’ve done. Schedule our team for a regular cleaning! We can keep your home looking “spring clean beautiful” all year long. Fill out our form to get a quote.