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Customer Testimonials

“I just wanted to call you let you know I was really appreciating your gals today. I had somewhat of a “crappy” day, lots of bad customer service experiences…and it was such a pleasure to come home to such a clean home. They even made my bed! I was running late today, I didn’t have time to make it and the bed is made, and they just made all the difference in my world today, so just wanted to let you know!”
– Adrianne M, Fishers

“Ryan did an outstanding job (cleaning windows)…very good service…he was very pleasant…he did a better job than the person we have used for years!”
– Delia H., Indianapolis

“Just wanted you to know that we had another great cleaning this week, as we always do.”
– Kristin S, Fishers

“Please thank your ladies for me: They are very nice and thorough as well … I appreciate your business expertise and professionalism.”
– Anne R., Indianapolis

“Monika, I just wanted to say how great it is to walk into the house after the girls have cleaned. The house smells great, the kitchen sink sparkles and everything just looks wonderful. They do a fantastic job! Having your service frees up my weekends – what a pleasure not to have to think about dusting, sweeping, mopping and bathrooms!!! Thanks again for the great job.”
– Cathy J., Carmel

“The team always does a great job, but today they went above and beyond to an AWESOME job! I appreciate them and the great job they do together! They are a great team!”
– Laura K, Fishers

“Thanks for your services and please forward my gratitude and appreciation to the ladies that visit my place for their excellent work. It makes such a difference for me.”
– Nancy G., Fishers

“I wanted to let you know that the team that is cleaning my home has been doing a wonderful job. These two girls work so well together. I never have to have anything re-done and nothing is ever forgotten. I am even getting compliments from my neighbors after they leave! It’s evident they take such care and I wanted to make sure you knew!”
– Maria M, Fishers

“We love our cleaning crew! The girls did another great job and were victorious once again over the dirt from the dogs (and humans). They even got the fridge to look white again. Something we find difficult to do. As always, I enjoy their cheerful personalities. They are a pleasure.”
– Beth S., Indianapolis

“Monika was extremely flexible and patient in working through issues with me (alarm system & garage door problems). Last week I forgot that the ladies were coming and had a house full of company. The crew was very flexible in working around me being home. It was also the first time I had to observe the work first hand. I was very impressed with the amount time and attention to detail …I had a gas leak one day last summer and the ladies smelled gas as soon as they arrived. As anyone would expect, they left immediately. I’m glad they did! Monika tracked me down right away and I was able to get the gas company to my house within an hour. I assumed that I would just have to wait till my next scheduled cleaning. Nope, Monika called me with a rescheduled date which was 2 days later. …I have used several services in the past and would rate Housekeeping Maid Easy with an A+++. I love coming home on the day they have cleaned the house and would highly recommend Monika and her ladies to anyone!!!”
– John H., Fishers

“I have a deep appreciation for my cleaning team. They are friendly, thorough, and have such a positive attitude!!”
– BJ C, Fishers

“The house looks fabulous and the windows, garage, and pool area sparkle! Thank you so much. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me and the peace of mind I have when we are away.”
– Jane F, Indianapolis

“Thanks for the email Monika! You’re very welcome for the referral. I think you guys are the best and I’ll send as much business your way as I can. I figure if you guys could handle my place, you can handle anything!”
– Brad D, Westfield

“Thank you for taking such great care of our home. We have been very pleased with your service and I am so thankful Don selected you to clean for us!”
– Margie S, Fishers

“Janie & Lora did an awesome job, they clean better than I do! I feel like my house is brand new!”
– Beverly E., Fishers

“Just a note to praise (the staff)…Yesterday, she had to deal with an unexpected group of rowdy Tree Service workers that showed up at my house while I was gone.  They asked her to open my garage door so that they could get a wheelbarrow (I had not given them permission to do this), and they begged her for my cell number, but she refused to let them in the house or give them the number.  I think she was probably unnerved by their pushiness, but she handled the situation well and followed your rules.  I am very grateful for her integrity in doing the right thing.  She is an extremely valuable employee, and I hope that you take good care of her.  She is a special employee who is faithful to your company and does an excellent job cleaning, too!”
– Diane L., Fishers

“Just thought I would let you know the girls did a nice job again. I know it’s hard to get all of the loose pet fur off of the flooring, but that’s why I hired you! It’s nice to come home to a clean home.”
– Brenton S., Fishers

“I have hired your competition in the past and never have they deep cleaned like your company…my sinks look brand new…they did a fabulous job”
– Vicky R., Noblesville

“Monika, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say the house looked AWESOME yesterday.  It always looks great, but yesterday was over the top AWESOME.”
– Brian B., Noblesville

“I have had five different cleaning services over the last ten years, but this service is BY FAR the most thorough, responsible, and very well-run I might add, with the owner personally training her employees. I am hesitant to do this report for fear that others will scoop the preferential times. I hate to let the secret out. If I could afford to have them twice a week, I would do it in a heartbeat!”
– Kimberly D, Westfield

“Monika is professional and courteous, and bent over backwards to accommodate our schedule.  She is prompt in returning phone calls and emails, and the team was always on time and efficient.”
– Leah W., Fishers

“When I first signed up with you, I knew you were starting a new business, and expected to have some “glitches”, but I have been very happy.”
– Doreen S, Indianapolis

“Thanks for doing a great job and for taking care of my baseboards!”
– Chris G., Indianapolis

“The house looks great and the floor is beautiful!  Please let (the team) know how much I appreciate their help.  I was fortunate to meet both of them today and was impressed with their professional demeanor and genuine interest in helping me.  It’s so nice to come home…Thank you again!”
– Rhonda A., Fishers

“(We) are both very pleased with the excellent work and good eye for cleaning.  I appreciate the extra effort in making this turn out to be a great experience for us.  You are true to your word and definitely know how to make your customers happy!”
– Jessicah H., Fishers

“Thanks for the caliber of the workers and the quality of their work.  It is a tribute to the worker’s character and to the quality commitment of management in hiring policies.”
– Mike K, Carmel

“It is a wonderful service, that makes our lives much more manageable.  Monika is very easy to work with.”
– JC H., Carmel

“I was extremely impressed with the cleaning…especially how thoroughly cleaned the blinds, baseboard, and window sills were cleaned”
– Scott L., Fishers

“I recommend Monika’s company for housekeeping.  We enjoy weekly cleaning for our condo… they are excellent, consistent and individuals that we feel comfortable having in our home. (We) have very high expectations and Housekeeping Maid Easy has met those and when necessary Monika has been very responsive to our tiny “tweaks”.
– Cindy & Jeff M, Indianapolis

“The house was so “bright”…it was the best Valentine present!”
– Shanaz A., Fishers

“Our shower looked amazing! I’ve never seen it look like that before”
– Brandi N., Fishers

“WOW!! You did a great job and I am really impressed! Our shower is so clean …Looks so much better. God bless you for your cleaning business and if I know of someone who needs cleaning I will refer them to you!”
– Tanya W., Fishers

“I was very well satisfied… The service is set up very professionally utilizing a quality control person to check the work on a regular basis. The two young ladies doing the cleaning seemed very nice and did an excellent job.”
– Rick G., Fishers

“I’ve appreciated the attention to detail when your team visits…it’s one of the things I notice and value”
– Sharon L., Indianapolis