Cleaning For A Reason

Did you know we give away completely free cleanings to women undergoing cancer treatments?

Cleaning For A Reason

Since 2006, Cleaning For A Reason has been providing the gift of a clean home to women battling cancer throughout the United States and Canada.

Throughout the year, our 1,200 cleaning partners donate their time and resources to ease the burden and reduce the stress of women who are facing a cancer diagnosis. Our network of partners has provided more than 28,000 women with free house cleanings, with a total donated value at more than $8 million. Our goal remains to raise awareness of the cause for patients in need of the service and to recruit more cleaning companies so that we can serve an even greater number of women.

What does Cleaning For A Reason do?

Cleaning For A Reason partners with professional cleaning companies throughout the United States and Canada that are insured and perform background checks on their cleaning technicians. Each company takes on 1 patient at a time and offers the patient 2 free house cleanings, that is, 1 cleaning a month for 2 consecutive months. Patient applications are submitted online and a physician’s verification of treatment is required. Patients are matched with an available maid service partner in their area. The program is zip code and capacity-driven.

Who qualifies for the service?

Women 19 years of age or older, currently undergoing treatment for any type of cancer

Why women only?

As with any nonprofit, the resources are limited. The demand is always greater than what the nonprofit can handle regardless as to whom they serve. Cleaning For A Reason understands that males undergo the same life crisis issues; however, we are not able to help everyone. Daily the nonprofit receives inquiries to assist individuals with disabilities, heart problems, MS, asthma, and various other chronic medical conditions, which all have a need for the services. Naturally, the list is endless. The hope of Cleaning For A Reason is that everyone understands that we have to stay focused on our primary mission, to provide women undergoing treatment for cancer with free house cleaning.

How does a cancer patient apply?

Visit the website,, and touch on the “Patients” tab,  Apply Now to begin the application process.  If there is not an available maid service it is important to continue to fill out the application so that we may continue to search for a match. Once a maid service is found, the patient will be asked to submit a physician’s note indicating that the patient is in treatment for cancer.

Where is the organization located?

Cleaning For A Reason’s headquarters is in Lewisville, TX.  Maid service partners are located throughout the United States, D.C., and Canada. The application process is handled through the website, not through partner locations.

Can anyone apply for a patient?

Yes, anyone can apply on behalf of a patient.  Please be aware during the application process patient information such as email, name, address, and contact information is requested. There is also a release of liability waiver that needs to be approved. The last step is a physician must fax proof that the patient is currently in treatment for cancer. Cleaning For A Reason cannot call the physician’s office to verify treatment. Please receive permission from the patient prior to applying on her behalf.

Does Cleaning For A Reason use volunteers?

The organization does not use volunteers to perform house cleaning services for patients.  Volunteers are used at the corporate headquarters in Lewisville, TX. If you are not located in the Lewisville, TX, contact one of our partners in your area and volunteer to do fundraisers, office work, etc. Our partners are listed under the “Maid Service” tab, Locate Providers.

How can someone donate financially?

Cleaning For A Reason relies on donations to grow and advance the organization. Donations are accepted via credit card or check. Credit card donations can be made on our website at, the “Donations” tab.

Checks can be mailed to:

Cleaning For A Reason
211 S Stemmons Frwy, Suite G
Lewisville, TX  75067

If your question was not answered above, please email us at or call us at 1.877.337.3348.