COVID-19: Precautions We Have Taken to Protect Your Home


What We're Doing in response to COVID-19 

At Housekeeping Maid Easy, we are monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and following the guidelines of the CDC in all of our client’s homes and workspaces to keep our clients and team members safe, and our clients home’s clean. 


Here are the first steps we have taken: 

  • Increased our cleaning protocols using products where appropriate that have been found proven to be effective against viruses such as coronavirus
  • Added more hand sanitizer for employee use in cleaning kits and cars for recurring use. As well as sanitizing equipment such as vacuums and other tools as necessary before/ after each use. 
  • It is now mandatory that our cleaning staff sanitize their hands upon entry and put on and wear gloves while cleaning your home to keep a barrier between them and any surface in your home.
  • We already send a dedicated pair of “in house cleaning shoes” that employees are required to put on upon entering your home to clean with, so they are never cleaning in street shoes.  They are now required to disinfect soles of them as they put them on at each job. 
  • We are meeting regularly to refine and update future action plans as new information becomes available, and to continue learning as much as we can in order to make informed decisions
  • Created a distributed workforce. As many of you know we have already been working more and more as solo house cleaners. This has a few benefits, particularly for this crisis. First, it avoids having all of our staff at the office each morning and allows us to implement social distancing protocols. It also reduces the likelihood of social spread among team members in the rare instance that someone is exposed to coronavirus. For homes larger than 4000 sq. ft, we will still be pairing up solos to clean, but the way we train our staff to clean together, they are typically cleaning separately, one person will be cleaning “wet work” rooms and the other “dry work” rooms.

Ensuring our staff is safe & healthy for you 

If any of our team members have a temperature, cough, or any other signs of illness they are to remain at home. If we feel someone shows any signs of sickness and comes to work anyway, we will be sending them home. We are asking all of our clients to postpone service if anyone in their home has had any recent symptoms of the flu, cold, or unidentified respiratory illness. As always, we never have any late cancel fees for sickness. 

We all have a responsibility to each other and the public at large. We are making sure that our staff knows that it is our duty to help slow the transmission of COVID-19 and to be extra diligent in assessing their own health. If you are not ill or showing signs of illness you can trust we will only be sending healthy, trained professionals, wearing protective gloves, while cleaning and sanitizing your home on your cleaning day.


Cross-contamination protocols

We already practice strict cross-contamination protocols in the home cleaning industry and are actively researching ways to improve them. We send a separate set of clean cloths, sponges, mop covers, and magic erasers that are deposited into a plastic bag directly after each use in your home. We never use a cloth that we have used in the bathroom or in another room, it goes into the sack, and then fresh ones are pulled for the next room.

We are implementing systems to make sure that one set of cleaning tools per home is used as well. Our vacuums do not have a bag system, but we use a dirt-cup, which is emptied out into the trash before leaving the house we vacuumed up the dirt in. The vacuums are sanitized and wiped down between each home. With this system, no dirt is transferred from one home to another.

It is our promise to continue to provide you with an excellent cleaning service every time, while improving our processes and helping you have peace of mind that all of the surfaces in your home are cleaned and sanitized.

Please Kindly Consider

If you are skipping cleanings or taking a break from services due to the coronavirus crisis, we ask you to kindly consider not skipping your regular payment as well, but continuing your regular payment or even a partial payment so we can continue to pay your house cleaners as always during this time of crisis. 

Our employees depend on their regular customers for their regular paychecks, their livelihood. More than half of your cleaning cost goes directly to your house cleaners payroll alone. We appreciate your consideration and sincerely thank you in advance for your support of our small business and your house cleaners in this way if you are able to do so. Retaining all of our employees during this crisis and being able to still support them if they are ill is our number one priority.

Another option to help support us during this crisis would be to buy gift cards now in advance for your upcoming cleanings. You can purchase them in any amount you like by clicking here

If monetary support is not possible at this time of self-isolation and staying home, a third option to help support us and encourage continued growth for our company would be to take a moment to share your positive stories and experiences with our company online. Your reviews help us grow a lot!

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Home Disinfecting Service You Need 

Do you want professional help disinfecting your home after the flu virus takes hold, or are you looking to protect your family members from germs, viruses and bacteria? Housekeeping Maid Easy is proud to serve families in the northeastern suburbs of Indianapolis, disinfecting their homes and working to keep them safe and healthy.

We’re here to ease your concerns and help you sanitize your home with our house cleaning services, but we offer a host of other services as well. Our clients are happy to share their stories of satisfaction too because we take the time to ensure that the surfaces of your home are cleaned and disinfected and that your home also looks its best. 

Hiring a house cleaning company will put your mind at rest so that you can trust that your home has truly been disinfected. Can we disinfect your home for you? Request a quote today.