Covid Policy

Housekeeping Maid Easy is grateful to be trusted to care for your home. Our top priority is the health and well-being of our clients and employees. With that in mind, we have taken additional precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. We commit to the following guidelines and procedures while servicing your home:

  • Employees exhibiting flu-like systems will not be permitted to work until they are approved to do so by a medical professional and in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Employees who have close contact with anyone infected with the coronavirus will not be allowed to work until they have tested negative for the virus.
  • Cleaners are expected to either wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer upon entering your home and before leaving.
  • Cleaning equipment and the soles of in-house cleaning shoes will be disinfected/sanitized following cleaning of each home
  • Cleaners are encouraged to wear and will come prepared to wear if asked, a mask and/or gloves at any or all times. Some cleaners will prefer to wear these even if not asked.
  • Cleaners are expected to consistently maintain a distance of 6 feet from anyone present in the home during the cleaning.

In return, we ask that our clients follow the following guidelines while engaging with HME and our valued employees:

  • Review, and electronically sign our Customer Covid Policy we will send in your welcome packet.
  • Immediately notify our office if anyone in your household has been diagnosed or exposed to someone with COVID-19 and cancel your scheduled service until you have completed at least 5 days of quarantine.
  • Immediately notify us if anyone in your home is having a Covid-19 test administered for any reason whatsoever within the 3 days prior to your cleaning, so that we can reschedule after results are confirmed negative.
  • If anyone in your home is experiencing flu-like symptoms, please cancel your scheduled service until the family member has been diagnosed and is determined not to have Coronavirus by a medical professional.
  • Make every effort to leave your home while a HME technician is cleaning it. If you must be at home, please remain isolated in one room of the home or on a different level than the one your cleaner is working in/on, avoiding contact with your technician during the length of the cleaning.
  • In the event direct communication with your HME technician is required, please kindly remember to social distance (6 ft. distance).
  • Do not have other people, not residing in your home, present during your cleaning service.

We realize that these guidelines are strict, but feel they are necessary for everyone’s protection during these challenging times. We are committed to ensuring you continue to receive the highest level of quality and service while doing everything possible to stop the spread of this virus. Thank you for your business and your continued support and cooperation with our guidelines.

Solo Cleaner Model

Our solo cleaner model is safe, with the lowest exposure model in this new day and age of Covid-19. The solo model also offers the highest level of accountability in performance, efficiency, consistency, and overall happiness of our customers and employees alike. Our cleaning techs are professionally trained in house cleaning and in CDC best practices.

  • All of our employees have gloves and masks with them cleaning, but wearing them is now optional for them, unless you have requested they specifically do so when in your home cleaning. We are happy to accommodate your request and if our cleaner wants to wear one each cleaning of their own accord, please respect their desire to do so.

  • Our employees bring with them a dedicated pair of “in house cleaning shoes” that employees are required to put on upon entering your home to clean with, so they are never cleaning in street shoes.

  • We’ve added more hand sanitizer for employee use in cleaning kits and cars for recurring use. As well as being provided sanitizer to use on equipment such as vacuums and other tools as necessary. Our employees are also vigilant about washing their hands at every opportunity they can in addition to using hand sanitizers.

  • We have always only brought clean clothes and mops in your home and will continue to do so.

  • We only bring clean and disinfected tools into your home.

High-Touch Points Sanitizing

(this service always included with your cleaning)

Our DDDS has a safe PH level, so we can even use it on marble, granite, or stone. We have used this faithful product since the start of our business to sanitize our customers’ bathrooms and kitchens. DDDS is on the EPA’s approved list of disinfectant cleaners. With our normal “one pass” of spray and wipe system, it will kill 99.9% of germs, which is all that is required if none has been ill in your home with a bacteria. We will do this each cleaning on the list below:

  1. Doorbell button
  2. Light switch plates
  3. Doorknobs
  4. Cabinet and drawer pulls
  5. Toilet flush handles
  6. Alarm panel
  7. Thermostat buttons
  8. TV Remote controls
  9. Garage door button
  10. Telephone receiver (landlines)
  11. Stair railings
  12. Fridge handles
  13. Microwave handles
  14. Shower door handles
  15. Faucets/handles
  16. Trash can lids
  17. Stove, oven knobs, handles


We are grateful to all our customers for following our guidelines and wearing masks in your home if you do need to interact or pass through the same room as our staff. We deeply appreciate you ensuring 6 ft. social distancing is maintained at all times.