How Often Should You Vacuum Your House?

Vacuuming isn't the hardest of cleaning chores, but it can be a bit of a puzzle. Different homes have varying needs, and even within a single home, not all areas require the same attention.

So, how do you figure out the best vacuuming routine for your place? We've got you covered with a guide on how to tailor your vacuuming schedule to match your home's specific needs!

How often should you vacuum your floors?

Different flooring types have unique needs, which means each one needs its own vacuuming routine. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Hard flooring (vinyl, tile). These surfaces don't accumulate much dust, thanks to their smooth finish. A good vacuuming once a week with high suction should do the trick. For grout lines, a quick sweep beforehand will help loosen any dirt.
  • Hardwood floors. Finished hardwood floors just need a weekly vacuum to stay dust-free. Unfinished wood, however, needs more frequent attention—try vacuuming twice a week, following the grain for the best results.
  • Carpets. Carpets, especially those with high piles, tend to trap a lot of dust. So vacuum those fluffy carpets three times a week. For low-traffic zones or low-pile carpets, twice a week should suffice.

Pro-tip: Use a soft brush attachment for more efficient carpet vacuuming.

What about mattresses and upholstered furniture?

Dust isn't a problem limited to floors. Mattresses and upholstered furniture also collect dust over time, even if you protect them with covers. Vacuum your mattresses twice a year—ideally in spring and then again in October when dust mite season winds down—to keep them dust-free.

For upholstered furniture, how often you need to vacuum it depends on how much use it gets. Monthly is fine for things like headboards, but for heavily used items like sofas or chairs, a weekly vacuuming is best to keep them fresh.

Pro-tip: An upholstery tool attachment will help clean your upholstered items without damaging them.

Got pets? Here's what to do!

If you have pets at home, vacuuming is your secret weapon against pet hair appearing everywhere. Carry out a quick daily vacuum to keep the fur at bay. Focus on areas your pet frequents since that's where the fur will build up the most.

If you don't have the time to vacuum daily, aim for two or three thorough sessions each week based on your pet's shedding habits or the number of pets you have.

Ceilings and walls also need vacuuming

Ceilings and walls often get ignored, but they also collect dust, which can spread to other surfaces if you don't tackle it.

Don't worry about vacuuming the entire surface; just hit the dusty corners, cobwebs, and areas behind frames and furniture—and dusty zones you notice. Depending on how dusty your home gets, plan these sessions monthly or quarterly.

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