Airbnb Cleaning
In Indianapolis & Surrounding Areas

Your Airbnb guests expect a lot when they book your property, especially clean rooms where they feel safe and hygienic. Housekeeping Maid Easy will handle the cleaning between guests! Hiring our Airbnb cleaning service in Indianapolis (Hamilton County and Hendricks County included) can save you time and improve your reputation and profits as a host.

Vacation Rental & Airbnb Cleaning: How Does It Work?

For the Vacation Rental & Airbnb cleaning service, our team will clean, sanitize, and tidy up for the health and comfort of your next booking—your guests will never see signs of your previous guests. We remove forgotten items, test objects to ensure they are in working order, and more!

On top of that, we bring our own cleaning supplies and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you or your guests have a cleaning complaint, we will fix it within 24 hours at no extra cost.

What's Included

Your rental home is in good hands! Every time our team of experts cleans, they'll dust, mop, and spot-clean most surfaces throughout living spaces, kitchen, and bathroom. We'll also remove cobwebs, clean glass doors, disinfect light switch plates, and more!

Area of Home Standard cleaning Deep Cleaning Move-IN/OUT
Area of Home Standard cleaning Deep Cleaning Move-IN/OUT
Exterior Surface of Refrigerator Hand wiped (Including Top)
Inside of a Refrigerator cleaned
Small appliances and items on counter
Microwave Inside/Outside
Stovetop, grates or drip pans scrubbed
Countertops & backsplashes (Hand-wiped)
All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
Range hood cleaned inside and out
Baseboard, blinds, window sills, doors and frames Dusted Hand Washed Hand Washed
Floors (swept first if hardwood) Mopped Hand Washed Hand Washed
Throw Rugs Vacuumed
Cabinet fronts Spot Clean Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Area of Home Standard cleaning Deep Cleaning Move-IN/OUT
All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
Mirrors (cleaned)
Tub/shower & tiles Scrubbed Double scrubbed Double scrubbed
All bathroom counters & fixtures
Baseboard, blinds, window sills, doors and frames Scrubbed Hand Wiped Hand Wiped
Floors (Swept and Hand wiped)
Cabinet fronts Spot Clean Hand Wiped Hand Wiped
Area of Home Standard cleaning Deep Cleaning Move-IN/OUT
Ceiling fans Dusted Hand-wiped if reachable by a 2-step ladder Hand-wiped if reachable by a 2-step ladder
Simple Light fixtures within 2-step ladder reach Dusted Hand-wiped if reachable by a 2-step ladder Hand-wiped if reachable by a 2-step ladder
Cobwebs removed
Blinds & shutters Dusted Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Entry Doors/Door Sidelights Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Window Frames/Sills Dusted Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Baseboards and Woodwork on Walls (Don’t move furniture) Dusted Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Pictures & knick-knacks Dusted Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Uncluttered shelves Dusted Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Furniture (flat surfaces hand wiped)
Lamps, Lampshades, and Light Fixtures
Sliding Glass Doors Cleaned
Interior Doors and door frames Dusted Hand-wiped Hand-wiped
Light switch plates (Disinfect)
Wastebaskets/Trash Cans (emptied/relined)
Stairs Vacuumed
Hard Surface Floors Mopped Hand-washed Hand-washed
Carpeted Floors Vacuumed
Beds made if requested if requested if requested
Vacant homes: drawers, empty shelves, inside cabinets Hand-wiped Hand-wiped

Book Recurring & Get 5-star Reviews Always

There's nothing better than getting excellent reviews from your guests, so if you want to stay a super host, a great cleaning is crucial. With our Airbnb Cleaning Service, we'll ensure your space is always ready for continuous bookings—get recurring Airbnb cleaning daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or at your preferred frequency.

Benefits Of Our Airbnb Cleaning Service

Book our professional Airbnb Cleaning in Indianapolis (and surrounding areas). Not only will your space keep up during busy seasons, but you'll maintain the rental in top shape even when you don't have guests. Here's what you also get with our Airbnb Cleaning:

Great Add-ons

There's more to our cleaning than just dusting and wiping! We offer additional tasks that complement your Airbnb maintenance, such as laundry and even making the beds.

Restocking Included

As an extra task, we will restock the bathroom and cleaning supplies so they'll always be on hand for your Airbnb guests.

Attention To detail

Our cleaning crew is so thorough in their cleaning that your Airbnb will always be refreshed. However, they'll also quickly check for any damaged or missing items before your next guests arrive.

Trustworthy Staff

All our cleaners are background-checked, experienced, and thoroughly trained to provide a cleaning service that will exceed your expectations.

Serving Indianapolis, Hamilton County, and Hendricks County

We have been providing professional cleaning services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 2006. Here is the list of some of the cities we serve. If you don't find your location, feel free to call us to see if we can reach your area.

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