5 Vital Health Benefits of a Clean Home That May Surprise You

We all strive to have a clean home. It feels good to walk in the door of your home here in Lawrence and see a clean, clutter-free space after a long day at work. 

But having a clean home can do more for you than just provide a space to unwind after a long day. A clean home can actually improve your health, too. 

There’s a lot to unpack when examining just why a clean home can bolster your health.  Sure, using antimicrobial and anti-bacterial cleaning products kills germs that can cause illness, but there’s more to it than just killing germs. A clean home can have a positive effect on your mental and emotional health as well.

Why is it important to have a clean house? How can it impact your overall health and wellbeing? Let’s take a look:

1. Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, keeping a clean home can have a huge impact on your health—and your ability to breathe deeply. Regular cleaning for health reasons can remove some of the problematic allergy and asthma triggers.

Vacuuming one to two times per week, reducing clutter (and the resulting dust that can settle in piles of clothes, books or other things), and keeping the tile scrubbed clean can all cut down on allergens and irritants in your home that can find their way into your lungs, causing breathing issues.

There are many things you can do to cut down on these irritants residing in your home so you can breathe easily, but it all starts with removing as much dust as possible.

An extra tip? Without a vacuum with a HEPA filter, vacuuming can shoot dust mites and other allergens into the air, exacerbating an allergy or asthma issue, so if you plan to vacuum one to two times per week, National Allergy recommends that you use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to cut down on these irritating airborne particles.

benefits of a clean home

2. Cut Down on the Spread of Germs

Keeping things clean and sanitized is the best way to prevent germs and illnesses from spreading in your home. Deep cleaning your home is important to stay healthy, especially in the bathroom and in the kitchen, where water can slip into crevices and foster bacterial growth, and where splatters of food and airborne particles can encourage even more bacteria to grow.

In the kitchen and the bathroom, we touch almost every surface. Countertops, cabinets, drawer pulls, sinks, the toilet, and flush and faucet handles are all “high-traffic” areas that are frequently touched. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of these rooms and these high-traffic areas can keep germs at bay, keeping you healthier. 

One of the main benefits of cleaning? Getting sick less.

3. Improve Your Peace of Mind

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Clean house, clean mind?” When your home is clean and tidy and there is no clutter, dust or debris, it’s easier to find peace in your home, which reduces stress and fatigue. 

Fatigue, stress and anxiety can take a major toll on your body, so keeping a clean home is a great way to elevate your mood and feel a little cheerier from day to day. According to a Scottish Health survey, cleaning relieves your stress levels by 20 percent

Clutter distracts us from what we need to focus on, and it certainly doesn’t feel good to step over piles of things that need to be put away. And clutter constantly sends signal to our brains that our work is never done—because there’s always something left to pick up.

How important is keeping a clean house to your mental health? Stress can wear your body down and create illness, which is probably why studies have shown that people with clean homes get sick less than people with cluttered or messy homes. In fact, women who describe their homes as being cluttered are more likely to be depressed or fatigued than women who described their home as “restful” and “restorative.”

The benefits of cleaning reach far beyond having a tidy home. Just the act of cleaning and organizing your home can work wonders for your mood. Who knows? It may even motivate you to tackle other home projects you’ve been putting off!

4. A Clean Home Can Actually Make You More Fit

Believe it or not, having a clean, tidy, dust-free home can even make a difference to your waistline. 

It’s no secret that stress can affect our diet and our eating habits, but did you know that living in a chaotic physical environment can lead to overconsumption and weight gain as well?

Given the direct correlation between stress and eating, it comes as no surprise that an untidy home can have a negative influence on your diet. On its own, stress can cause weight gain because of a rise in cortisol levels, so stress about a messy home or kitchen can only compound this stress. Cleaning for health reasons can improve your diet and give you more energy.

Not only can a mess cause stress and anxiety, which can affect your diet, but think about your kitchen: When it’s cluttered or when the dishes in the sink have piled up or the stovetop is covered in flood splatters, it doesn’t inspire you to cook a healthy meal, does it? 

A clean kitchen can motivate you to prepare more healthy meals and cut down on your stress levels all at once.

5. An Uncluttered, Dust-Free Bedroom Can Lead to Better Sleep

Who doesn’t want to wake up feeling more rested? 

It can be hard enough to fall asleep sometimes with to-do lists and thoughts from the day racing through your head. You may be asking why cleaning is important to your sleep habits. But if you go to bed and still have laundry to put away or if your bedside table needs a good dusting, lying awake in bed can just lead to feeling overwhelmed by all the cleaning you have to do. 

The National Sleep Foundation found some staggering statistics about how having a clean bedroom can improve your sleep, including:

  • Eighty percent of people found it easier to sleep with clean-smelling sheets and a clean room.
  • Making your bed in the morning boosts your chances of a good night’s rest the next night by 20 percent.

So why is cleaning important? Having a clean room, a neatly made bed with fresh sheets and a clutter-free, dusted nightstand could lead to the best sleep of your life.

benefits of a clean home

There’s no doubt that having a clean home can make you feel better from the inside out. But if you’re pressed for time, how can you achieve a clean home? 

Especially here in Lawrence, where lately it seems that constant road construction on I-465 is increasing our commute times more and more with each passing day and cutting into the time we can spend on chores, how can you find the time to keep a clean home?

Here’s the good news: Housekeeping Maid Easy has been dedicated to providing clean homes to families in the Lawrence area and beyond, serving families in  Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, parts of Zionville and most of Noblesville as well. So if you understand the benefits of a clean home but just can’t find the time, let us help.  

Housekeeping Maid Easy was founded with the goal of making people’s lives easier, so they have more time to focus on what truly matters. Our clients are thrilled with the services we provide: not just an exceptionally clean home, but peace of mind and a health boost as well. 

And we do it all: weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings; deep cleanings; move-in and move-out cleanings; an even errands too. 

Do you want to start experiencing the health benefits of a clean home for yourself? Request a quote today and let us do the hard work for you!

benefits of a clean home