How Much Does House Cleaning Cost? Your House Cleaning Pricing Guide

While everyone likes the feeling of a clean house, most of us hate doing the actual cleaning. There are just so many more interesting or pressing things to do. 

If you are tired of forcing yourself to clean up, or you struggle to find the time, hiring a professional house cleaning service is an appealing solution. How convenient would it be to come home to a clean house each day without lifting a finger to clean it yourself? 

However, many people have a hang-up about the expense. They either think it will be too expensive or have no idea how much house cleaning costs. 

If wondering about cleaning service prices is holding you back from taking the plunge, this house cleaning pricing guide can help you understand how much professional residential cleaning services can cost you. 

How much does house cleaning cost on average?

Across the US, the average cost for one house cleaning appointment is about $160. However, that average includes many different scenarios, so most people will end up paying more or less based on several factors.

For instance, a home smaller than 1000 square feet may cost about $90 to clean, whereas a 3000-square foot house averages $250 per cleaning. In Indianapolis where the cost of living is lower than the US national average, most house cleaning services range from $120-$200

As you can see, asking how much house cleaning costs on average isn’t the right question. Instead, let’s look at how cleaning services prices are calculated, so you understand how that general formula will apply to your unique circumstances. 

House Cleaning Pricing Guide

How are house cleaning services prices calculated?

First of all, few cleaning companies charge per appointment. Rather, they charge per cleaner per hour. If you want to talk about price averages, the average to look at is the average price per man-hour. 

In the US, this varies from $30-$55 per man-hour. That means a two-person team cleaning your home for two hours would cost between $120 and $220. A single cleaning person is technically cheaper per hour, but they will likely require more time to clean so the price usually evens out. 

Many factors determine how much time your house cleaning will take. We already established that smaller homes and apartments are faster, and therefore cheaper, to clean than large houses. However, other variables can make the job of cleaning your abode longer too. 

If the inhabitants of your home are especially messy, like if you have kids and pets, you may be charged for the extra time and effort to clean your home. 

Different types of cleaning warrant different prices. Deep cleaning and move-in/move-out services are more detailed and require more time and work, so they usually cost more. If you request a special add-on service in addition to regular cleaning tasks, you should expect to pay an extra fee. 

Sometimes a company charges more to reflect their experience and the demand for their services. The best know they can charge more for their expertise. This is why cleaning companies usually cost more than an independent contractor. 

All of these factors together make it very difficult to answer the question of how much house cleaning cost. The answer is it depends! However, with the help of an online house cleaning pricing guide and house cleaning cost calculator, you should be able to get a rough estimate for your circumstances.

What is a fair price for house cleaning?

The best way to find out how much house cleaning cost is to request quotes from cleaning companies in your area. But how do you know if their quoted rates are fair? 

You might automatically assume that lower rates are the better deal for you, but this isn’t necessarily the case. An understanding of what house cleaning services include will help you understand their true value. 

When comparing house cleaning services, compare what tasks are included in the service you requested and the estimated time it will take the cleaners to accomplish those tasks. One company might charge more, but if they’re promising to get more done that might be worth it to you. 

You should also consider the overall convenience of their services. For instance, an independent cleaner might charge less, but what happens if they are sick one day and can’t keep your appointment? 

Also, do they bring their own supplies or do you buy them? And most independent contractors do not carry worker’s compensation insurance, meaning if they suffer an injury on your property you could be liable. 

Cleaning companies often charge more, but they can guarantee they’ll never miss an appointment and most provide all their supplies and carry adequate insurance to relieve you of any liabilities. Paying extra for these safeguards is usually worth it to most homeowners.  

Are professional house cleaning services worth it?

Now that you have an idea of how much a house cleaning service will set you back, is it worth it? Of course, that’s for you to decide. Only you know what your budget and priorities are. 

If you want to save a little money on house cleaning services, you can schedule appointments further apart, do some cleaning yourself to reduce their paid time, and request they only clean a few select rooms. 

However, nothing beats coming home to find your house already clean and ready to relax in. Today, more and more busier families find that delegating their house cleaning chores to the experts is worth every penny!

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