Seven Airbnb Tips for Hosts: How to Become a Superhost 

airbnb tips for hosts

If you’re just starting out as an Airbnb host, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, you can always improve your hosting capabilities even with simple things. Better hosting leads to better reviews from guests, which leads to even more guests. And those guests are more likely to be of a higher quality if you show that your space is of high quality, too. We’ve laid out some Airbnb tips for hosts below so that you can get started (or continue) on your quest to earn that coveted Superhost badge! 

airbnb tips for hosts

1. Be honest about your property and its accommodations

People don’t want to arrive in a space that’s dirty or unkempt–that much goes without saying. But they also don’t want to arrive in a space that looks nothing like the photos or doesn’t have the stunning views they were promised. 

Embellishing your listing in an attempt to get more people in the door will only hurt you, as it sets a sour tone for the rest of your guests’ stay and erodes trust with them. In addition, be honest about the noise or other environmental elements surrounding your space so that families or older couples aren’t blindsided by such disturbances and leave bad reviews. 

2. Keep your space impeccably clean

If you’re hosting regularly, it’s undoubtedly exhausting to have to constantly clean your space and clean it well. A dirty or unkempt space is the first thing guests will notice if it’s a problem. And that may well ruin their whole experience and your review to boot. It’s a good idea to hire an Airbnb cleaning service to make sure everything is always reset just so, leaving you time and energy to prepare for the next guest in other ways. 

There are cleaning companies for Airbnb, like Housekeeping Maid Easy, that can give you peace of mind knowing your space is clean and well-stocked, ready for the next guest. Click here to see if Housekeeping Maid Easy services your area. You can always add a cleaning fee to your listing to offset any costs of an Airbnb cleaning company

3. Establish clear rules 

Make sure all of the rules for staying in your space are clear from the start; after all, your guests need to accept the conditions of your space before booking, so take that opportunity to ensure everything is clear: when check-in and check-out are, if there are pets/kids allowed, if there are noise curfews, and any added fees for cleaning or turnover. Setting clear boundaries from the get-go will make things easier for everyone involved. This dovetails nicely with our next point. 

4. Leave clear instructions for appliances and electronics

How to work the washing machine or coffee machine might not be self-evident for some, especially folks who are older or for people who come from different countries. Leave clear written instructions for any and all appliances, especially finicky ones. If there’s a particular burner on the stove that doesn’t work or a light you have to switch twice before it turns on, be clear about that upfront. This couple had an unfortunate run-in with a mean washing machine. In addition to clear instructions, you can do a few small things as a host to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay.

5. Give clear directions to your property

If you're at an out-of-the-way spot where Google Maps or cell service often fails, give clear instructions on how to get to your place so guests aren’t wandering around lost or anxious about finding the place. If Google Maps gives misleading directions to your place, make this very clear in your description so that people don’t fall back on it, as they often do for most things. If you’re reachable by public transportation, provide the bus/train/shuttle schedules and give tips so guests can get to your place as painlessly as possible–you want them happy when they arrive, albeit a bit tired from traveling! This woman has more excellent tips for Airbnb hosting. 

6. Create a smooth check-in process

If possible, be home when your guests arrive so you can greet them and give them a quick tour. This will feel extra welcoming to them. Airbnb’s self check-in feature lets you provide explicit instructions for accessing your space if you’re not around when guests check-in. If you promise to be there, be there! Guests won’t appreciate waiting around for you to let them in. Figure out a lock/alarm system that works for you and is easy for your guests to use and for you to change once they leave. 

7. Be available to guests 

Questions will undoubtedly come up during your guests' stay. Give them a way to get in touch with you easily so they can ask any questions they have. The Airbnb app is most hosts’ preferred way. It’s safe and secure. Some hosts recommend sending a message 24 hours into the stay to check how things are going (and allowing them to ask questions if they’re shy) and 24 hours before the stay ends to schedule check-out. 

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