Here are 10 Family Summer Activities You Must Try

family summer activities

It’s here! The best time of the year. Some people love the coziness of the holidays and gazing at a glittering Christmas tree or a glowing Hanukkah menorah. Others love the rich colors of the fall leaves or the emerging green of spring. But there is no doubt about it. There is something very special about summer. 

For one thing, the kids are out of school, which means you can eschew academic endeavors for more lighthearted family fun. If you want some fabulous ways to make the most of the time, look no further! Here are 10 super fun family summer activities for the steamy season:

family summer activities

1. Have a family slumber party

Here in the Indianapolis area, summers can get pretty soggy. But there are plenty of joyful family summer activities that you can partake of inside. On a rainy night, plan a family slumber party. Rent a movie and bring the sleeping bags and pillows into the living room. Ask your children to create “invitations” and deliver them to all of your family members. Turn out all of the lights and cozy up with some popcorn. 

2. Make homemade popsicles 

Summertime is popsicle time! Buy some popsicle molds and ask your kids to come up with a dream flavor. Plan your shopping list together and then mix your ingredients. Homemade popsicles allow you to get creative and craft the healthiest frozen treats possible, sans any artificial flavorings or color and with less sugar. The flavor possibilities are endless. How about salted watermelon or Earl Gray tea pops? Check out some websites for flavor profiles, tips, and suggestions. 

3. Visit an escape room together 

This rainy-day activity (or a day when it’s just too hot to be outside) is best for older kids. Escape rooms are wonderful for families because they encourage teamwork and problem-solving and allow everyone’s skills to shine. Plus, they’re just hugely fun. Don’t be surprised if the kids solve more clues than the parents! 

4. Visit a local farmers' market

In addition to supporting local farmers, when you buy local fruits and veggies you often get a healthier product. There is no better time and place to sample your local bounty than during the summer at your neighborhood farmers’ market. 

5. Attend free outdoor concerts

Load your car up with a picnic basket and blankets and head out to a local park for an outdoor concert. You may even discover a new artist you’ve never listened to! 

6. Host a family board game night 

Gather the kids and enlist their help in planning, from the guest list and menu to the room set up, and, of course, which games you’ll play. Then, roll the dice and get started! 

7.  Create a scavenger hunt 

Hide clues in and around your house. See if you can involve other friends and neighbors. 

8. Volunteer at a political campaign or nonprofit 

It’s never too early to teach your kids the importance of community service. If they’re old enough, ask them to research local nonprofits and let you know which they’d like to donate their time to.

9. Make a box garden and grow fresh herbs 

Plan the garden together, including which herbs you will plant, and bring them to the garden store to purchase seeds or seedlings. And don’t stop once you’ve planted them! When they’re ready to use, choose some recipes using the fresh herbs and teach your kids to cook a new dish. 

10. And when all else fails…bring out the sprinkler! 

There are endless “cool” ideas when it comes to sprinkler games that can be fun for kids and, yes, even adults, on a steamy day. Check out this website for some inspiration. 

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