Six Fun Things You Could be Doing instead of Cleaning your House

We’ve all had too much time inside for the last two years, and now is the time to get out and start enjoying life again!

But with work, the needs of family and friends, returning to work (and traffic), do you feel torn between cleaning up your home or getting out of the house to have fun? Does cleaning take up too much time that you could be spending creating new life experiences and happy memories?

Instead of squeezing time in on the weekends or after work cleaning your home, hire a professional so that you can spend your time doing the things you love. To help you see what you’re missing out on when you stay home cleaning, we’ve created a list of ideas for what you could be doing instead of cleaning. Let the professionals do the dirty work, so you can get out again and enjoy life.

cleaning your house

1. Spend Time With Family and Friends

How long has it been since you’ve seen some of your extended family or friends? Instead of taking the weekend to pick up your home and clean, make plans to visit and enjoy the company of your family. There’s nothing as special as making family memories.

2. Take Up a New Hobby

We’ve all given up a lot of ideas and hopes for a while, so start spending your time trying out new experiences. Pick up a new hobby on a Saturday instead of spending hours cleaning your bathroom. Some of our favorites are taking walks, hiking, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, yoga, community trivia nights, live music events, horseback riding, or even opening a passion project side business that you just haven’t been able to find the time for. Take those extra few hours you would normally spend cleaning your home and invest that time in your interests.

3. Explore Your City

Establishments are back in business, and it's time to explore your city! Would you rather deep clean your kitchen or head out to one of the new restaurants in your area? Enjoy heading out to the movies or taking in some events at your local art museum instead of vacuuming or cleaning baseboards. Instead of deep cleaning, use the time to meet friends for lunch or dinner and create unique experiences to last a lifetime.

4. Slow Down, Relax, Re-Energize

Life can get really busy and maybe you just need some time to slow down and relax. What if you could get a few hours back each week to take a nap, read a book, or listen to music or podcasts? After a long week, instead of dusting shelves and wiping down countertops, let someone else clean your home so that you can work in your garden, play board games or work on puzzles…maybe even work on a garden! For a low-key few hours on a Friday evening, take a break to watch a movie and order food in; use the extra time to slow down and gain back some energy.

5. Spend Time Volunteering for a Cause You Believe In

One of the best ways to spend your time is giving back. If you can find a few extra hours in your week, helping others can create a deep fulfillment and support your community. Instead of feeling frustrated at the constant upkeep of cleaning a home, get involved in something you believe in and come home fulfilled while also enjoying a clean home. It’s a great way to find meaning for yourself while lightening your cleaning load.

6. Get Creative

For most people, cleaning their homes isn’t a creative outlet. For many, just a few hours a week of creative time can be life-giving. When you call in professional cleaners, it frees you up to create. Get in some time painting or learn more about photography. Or get creative in the kitchen–practice some new recipes and let someone else clean up your kitchen. You could use your hands to scrub floors, or you could use them to learn to crochet. When you get support cleaning your home, you have more options with your time and how you want to use it.

Let the Professionals Clean, So You Can Enjoy Your Free Time

Cleaning your home can end up taking a lot more time and energy than you want to give. Consider how much your time is worth, and how you want to spend it. Housekeeping Maid Easy can relieve you of the burden of house cleaning. Our goal is to create a safe, clean, organized, beautiful home for you and give you back your time.

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