Why You Should Never Hire an Uninsured House Cleaner

House Cleaner

Would you venture out on the road without automobile insurance? Would you risk not having health insurance for your family? Choosing to go without any of these things could have catastrophic consequences, such as being liable for a car accident. Or you could wind up paying tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills. That’s a bit like walking a tightrope without a safety net. And why would you do that? 

The same is true with professional house cleaning services. If you’re overwhelmed with household responsibilities and decide to hire a house cleaning service, what should you look for? Let’s start with the basics. Should house cleaners be insured? Yes! Absolutely.

What type of house cleaning insurance should your cleaners have and why does it matter to you as a client? Most should have liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, property damage insurance, and business vehicle insurance, as well as a surety bond and a janitorial services bond.

House Cleaner

Here’s a closer look at each and why they protect you and your cleaning company:

1. Liability insurance protects the company from being held responsible for injuries or property damage.

Why should it matter to you? 

Your homeowners’ insurance pays if someone is injured while visiting your home. But if you paid them to be there, it doesn’t cover medical expenses if they are hurt. If your cleaning company has liability insurance, you won’t be sued if a member of the cleaning crew has an accident while in your home. Liability insurance also recoups your expenses if any of your belongings are damaged by the cleaning company. 

2. Surety bonds guarantee the performance of the cleaning company.

Why should it matter to you? 

Without a surety bond, if you are dissatisfied with the results or if the company is unable to complete the work, you have no financial recourse. You’ll simply have to accept a loss. 

3. A janitorial services bond protects the house cleaning company if one of their employees steals or commits fraud while on the job. 

Why should it matter to you? 

Without a janitorial services bond, you will have to pay to replace anything that is stolen while a cleaning crew is in your home. 

4. Workers' compensation insurance helps pay for expenses if a member of the crew is injured or becomes ill on the job. 

Why should it matter to you?

If your cleaning company has provided its employees with workers' compensation insurance, a technician who is injured on the job can access funds to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Without it, they can sue you or your cleaning company for the cost of their medical bills. 

5. Property damage insurance compensates the cleaning services company if any of their equipment is damaged. 

Why should it matter to you? 

While this doesn’t directly affect you, if your cleaning company ends up having to pay to replace tools or equipment, their costs will likely increase. They could pass those costs on to you through higher rates. 

6. Business vehicle insurance provides coverage for any vehicle that is owned and used by a cleaning service. 

Why should it matter to you? 

Like property damage insurance, you won’t be responsible if an employee gets in an accident while driving the cleaning company’s car. But if they don’t have business vehicle insurance, the cleaning company could take a financial hit due to the mishap. And when their costs go up significantly, chances are that your bills will, too!        

The bottom line? You should never hire an uninsured house cleaning service. Insurance shields both you and your house cleaning company from unnecessary hassles and expenses. 

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