3 Expert House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

cleaning tips for pet owners

Any good pet owner knows, your pet is more than just an animal. They’re an integral part of your family, one you wouldn't live without. It’s almost like having another kid in some ways! 

And you know what comes with kids? Messes. And lots of them. Pets are no different.  

From digging outside and bringing in soil to peeing on carpets and furniture, your pet can easily give you a run for your money when it comes to how to keep a house clean with pets. Not to mention the naturally occurring things they can’t control, such as shedding or drooling. 

Luckily, the expert professionals who run the house cleaning services here at Housekeeping Maid Easy have made a list of three main cleaning tips for pet owners. Although some of these tips may seem tedious or time-consuming, if you make them a part of your weekly house cleaning regime, it will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your house fresh and clean — no matter how many pets you have.

cleaning tips for pet owners

1. Wash Items Weekly or Bi-Weekly

Number one on our list of cleaning tips for pet owners is one of the tasks that may seem more tedious. However, it can be super beneficial for everyone’s health and wellness inside of your home, including your pets. 

Think about how much your pet sheds. Now, think about if your pet drools or licks items frequently. Now think about all the items your pet regularly uses, such as bedding, furniture, blankets, clothing. Do you see where we’re going with this? 

Your pet leaves traces of itself all over your house. This can come in the form of dander, hair, drool, or even outside sources, such as dirt and pollen. They put all of those things on your items, so doing your laundry as frequently as possible is a must. 

You’ll want to wash the items in hot water and dry them on high heat if possible. This eliminates the most amount of allergens which helps both people in the home who have allergies and the animals themselves if they have allergies too. This tip is especially helpful in how to keep a house clean with cats

2. Treat Accidents Immediately

Everyone’s pet will have an accident every once in a while, whether that be a bathroom accident or an accident due to sickness. If you’re potty training, this may happen way more frequently.

How to remove pet stains from carpets is easy: treat the accident immediately. If you want your best chance at not having a hard stain to scrub out or an odor that’s left behind, you’ll want to handle things immediately.

Try to find EPA-approved cleaners that are as non-toxic as possible, such as the cleaning solutions we use in our services. Make sure to dab at stains, don’t wipe as this could spread it farther.

How to Remove Pet Urine Stains from Carpets

For pee accidents on non-porous floors, wipe up the mess first. Then spray with your cleaner of choice. You can then rinse it off with water after about 5 minutes.

For carpets, dab at the spot first to get rid of excess waste. Then spray directly with your choice of claret cleaner. Wait 10 minutes and then dab gently with warm water. You’ll need to keep the area clear of people or pets until dry. (Pro-tip: make sure to check the cleaner of your choice won’t bleach your carpet in a discreet area.)

If the accident is outside, simply spray with a hose and let dry. 

3. Vacuum Carpets Weekly

Carpets can hold four times their weight in dirt and bacteria. You read that right. Four. Times. So just think about how much dust, dirt, and hair your carpet is holding onto to form your pet. 

Vacuuming your carpets weekly (or more often if possible) is highly recommended for how to remove pet hair from carpets and is one of the top services we perform in our deep house cleaning services. Using a vacuum that is specifically formatted for pets is also a great way to beat the buildup. 

How to Remove Pet Odor from Carpets

Additionally, you’ll want to deep clean your carpets as well. You can either steam clean them or utilize hot water extraction so that your carpet fibers can be cleaned down to the very bottom. This is the best way to rid your carpets of any musty smell they’re holding onto and have your space smelling refreshed and new.

Extra Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners 

These three main cleaning tips provided by our expert cleaners are certainly not comprehensive. However, they can be a great foundation to your cleaning regime for your house to keep it clean and sanitized while having pets.

Some other simple things you can do to accompany these tasks include:

  • Wiping off paws and feet after outside time
  • Giving regular baths
  • Setting up a designated area for food and water
  • Using a lint roller for pesky hair on clothes, furniture, or carpet

Let Housekeeping Maid Easy Handle the Mess

At the end of the day, a lot of people don’t want to clean their own homes. And that’s perfectly understandable! You have things to do that shouldn’t include scrubbing urine stains and deep cleaning carpets. 

With our wide service area, dependable staff, and comprehensive services, Housekeeping Maid Easy is here to make your life, well, easier. And thanks to our customer-centric process, we’re more cautious and safe than ever with our new COVID policy

Request a quote from us today for our professional house cleaning services. We guarantee that you’ll love working with us — just like our other clients do every day.