Have You Tried These Expert Tips on How to Do Laundry?

how to do laundry

Your clothes truly are a huge part of your life. Not only is it therapeutic to many to go shopping for new clothes often, but it also helps each person express their individual style. 

So it really hurts when you get a red wine stain on that favorite shirt you found a year ago randomly in the store. And it hurts even more when you don’t know how to promptly wash that shirt, so you’re scared you’ll just make it worse. 

Knowing how to do laundry correctly is a problem that many people face every day. Luckily, the cleaning professionals at Housekeeping Maid Easy know exactly how to properly do laundry. With our tips and tricks, we’ll have your favorite shirt back in order, looking fresh and brand new. And as always, if these kinds of cleaning aren’t your cup of tea, our expert house cleaning services are here to come and save the day. 

how to do laundry

1. Read the Labels

Every piece of clothing that you have has directions on how it should be washed and dried on the inside tag. For pants, it’s usually along the waistband in the back. For shirts, it’s usually located inside one of the seams. For some items, you might have to look a little harder. 

It’s always important to read the cleaning labels on your laundry so that you don’t ruin your clothes right off the bat. It’s so important, in fact, that it might be the most important part of how to do laundry well. 

Although it may seem easier to just toss everything in together on a cold wash, you may actually severely shrink your clothing item, leaving you out of luck and out of a new piece of clothing. 

You can use this handy laundry symbols meaning chart to see what the different symbols mean. To test it out, try grabbing a nearby clothing item and matching the symbols on that tag to those on the chart and see how you should be washing that particular item. The more your practice, the easier it will be to remember it. 

2. Always Sort Your Piles

Although it may be tempting, you really shouldn’t be washing all of your items together. Not only does this lessen the chance of everything getting clean, but it also can be damaging to your clothes.

You should always sort out your laundry piles for doing them. This will help you visualize how long things might take and see if some piles can wait until the next go around. 

Whites and colors should be in two different piles. From there, you can sort piles into delicates, towels and blankets, and hand wash items. Whatever other piles you choose to have depends on how many clothes you’re washing and how many people you live with. 

3. Check (Then Double Check) Your Pockets

How many times have you put something in your pocket and forgotten it was there? For many people, this is a regular occurrence, and they only find out they still have something there after their clothes have been through the entire wash and dry process.

This is an issue because although things can survive through the washer and the dryer, they shouldn’t be going in there. There’s always the chance that something gets ruined or your washer or dryer gets clogged up.

Make sure you’re checking your pockets and holes of your clothes. To double-check out each item in the washer indictable so you can shake them out and check one more time before starting the washer. 

4. Look For and Treat Stains 

The best way to deal with a stain and get it out is to treat it immediately. However, not everyone has the luxury to be able to do that. To help you remember that you have clothes with stains, try making a separate pile for them so you clean them before putting them in the washer. 

You’ll need to pre-treat the stain with a stain remover before it goes in the washer and then follow the care instructions on the tag for the ultimate clean. There are many different stain removers you can use. Just always make sure you spot test the stain remover to get a feel for how it works, and always follow the directions on the bottle. 

5. Keep Your Loads Average Size

The whole point of doing your laundry is to get your clothes clean, right? Well, what if we told you that might not be happening for you.

Many people are overloading their washers. Your washer should never be filled up over the ¾ mark for your washing machine. When you put too many clothes in your washer…

  • Your clothes don't get fully clean.
  • Your clothes get wrinkled.
  • Your fabrics get damaged.
  • Your washer gets more wear and tear.

If you make doing laundry part of your weekly house cleaning plan, you can better stay on top of your loads, allowing you to not feel like you have to cram as many times in the washer as possible. 

Housekeeping Maid Easy Is Here to Help

The tips and tricks we’ve listed above are just some of the most important things we think you should know when it comes to doing your laundry properly. However, there’s still so much more you might have questions about, which is where our professional house cleaning services come into play for you.

You have a life to live, and we get that. That’s why our services would be a perfect choice so that things like the laundry room, dishes, and beds getting made gets done while you’re having fun. Our clients can tell you that the work we do for them saves them time, money and gives them peace of mind that things are taken care of for once. 

We have a large service area and follow a strict COVID-19 policy, so everyone feels safe during our services. Additionally, we offer more than just house cleaning, from deep house cleaning services to move-in/move-out services. 

Reach out and request a quote today so we can help you get a handle on not only your laundry needs but everything else in the house.