Nora Cleaning Services 

The Indianapolis suburb of Nora is one of the most livable communities in the Hoosier State. Niche, an online resource for school and community data, ranked it the 22nd best neighborhood in all of Indiana. The fabulous public schools, graded A- by Niche, include the only International Baccalaureate school district in Indiana and one of only a handful nationwide. 

The name “Nora” can be traced to 1871 when Swedish immigrant and community postmaster Peter Lawson named the area after his home parish in Sweden.

With its urban/suburban feel and excellent public schools, this community on the far northside of Indy is a fabulous spot for young professionals who want an easy commute into the city but desire friendly, established, eclectic, and engaged neighborhoods. 

As a busy renter or homeowner in Nora, you know that professional Nora cleaning services can save you hours and afford you more leisure time to do the things you love. Employing a professional house cleaning service, whether it’s for weekly house cleaning or more infrequent deep house cleaning services, gives you peace of mind that your abode is being maintained to the highest of standards. 

Nora cleaning services

Housekeeping Maid Easy provides a broad range of residential cleaning services to make your life easier! 

Move in move out cleaning service 

Studies have consistently shown that moving houses is one of the most stressful life events. There are dozens of tiny details that make this so, from post office address changes and cable bill transfers to furniture placement. Although moves can be exciting, they are also tedious, disorienting, and exhausting. The more tasks you can pass off – such as move-in and move-out cleaning – the better!

Housekeeping Maid Easy’s move-in and move-out cleaning services ensure you leave behind a spotless space for a new renter or owner. And in your new abode, before you hang a single towel or place an area rug, you’ll want to be confident that every single square foot of space is pristine. We’ll dust, sanitize, polish, and mop every single floor, surface, and appliance so you get the fresh start that you deserve. 

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New construction house cleaning service

Moving into a newly constructed home is fantastic – except for the dirt and debris that may linger in the new space. Building a home from scratch is a dirty job! A fine layer of dust often sits atop every surface. You shouldn’t have to stop unpacking every few minutes to wipe down gritty counters, floors, and shelves. 

Our Nora cleaning services include new construction cleaning that ensures all of the dust and grime are removed. Our detailed new construction house cleaning services include:

  • Clean and dust ceiling fans and accessible light fixtures 
  • Hand wipe all woodwork, doors, door frames, blinds, baseboards, windowsills, and frames 
  • Clean the front windows and patio doors
  • Vacuum all floors and stairs 
  • Hand wipe all hard surfaces
  • Clean and sanitize sinks, counters, backsplashes, showers, tub, mirrors, and toilets
  • Clean and shine tiles and chrome 
  • Wash and mop bathroom floors 

Rental house cleaning service 

Our rental house cleaning solutions provide services for vacation rentals, residential rentals, and Airbnb rentals

Today’s Airbnb market is very competitive! Reviews matter. The same goes for vacation rentals. Airbnb and vacation home renters justifiably expect clean, sanitary rooms. Ensuring your home is pristine and inviting will mean your Nora home is a popular choice for Airbnbers or vacationers from all over the country. We guarantee you and your guests will be impressed with the level of cleanliness and service we provide. 

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Our COVID policy

To keep you, your family, and our employees safe, Housekeeping Maid Easy follows a stringent COVID-19 policy. We commit to the following guidelines and procedures while servicing your home:

  • Our employees may not come to work if they have flu-like symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19
  • Our crews wear gloves and masks and must maintain at least a 6-foot distance from anyone 
  • Our standard procedure includes hand sanitization upon entering a property and disinfection of cleaning equipment and shoe bottoms following each cleaning
  • The disinfectant/deodorizer/detergent we use is on the EPA’s approved disinfectant cleaners and kills 99.9% of germs in our one-pass spray and wipe 
  • We include more hand sanitizer for employee use in cleaning kits and cars for recurring use

Nora’s premier cleaning services  

Housekeeping Maid Easy, the premier house cleaning service for homeowners and renters in Nora, is committed to caring for your home as though it’s our own. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our attentive customer support, and our transparent pricing and payment options, it is no surprise we are a top-rated company in Nora. Here are just a couple of our recent glowing reviews: 

“The staff was very professional and punctual. Expectations were exceeded in the cleaning! I would definitely recommend Housekeeping Maid Easy!”  

“Fabulous customer service and responsiveness! We had our house deep cleaned and I’ve never seen the grout so white!”

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