The Importance of Cleaning a New Construction Home

Moving into a brand new home is the dream of many. It’s such a pleasant feeling to know that this home is all yours! No one else has ever lived there. Everything in the home is new and untouched. You couldn’t possibly be moving into a cleaner environment, right? Surprisingly and unfortunately, this is not the case. There is a lot of dirt and debris lurking in hidden nooks and crannies after construction is complete. This is why it’s so important to include a thorough post-construction cleaning before you move into your new home.


Why You Need a Post-Construction Cleaning

The obvious reason for needing a post-construction cleaning is that you want to move into a sparkling clean home. It’s brand new and it should both look and feel that way. But aside from this, there are also several reasons why a thorough post-construction cleaning is necessary before you and your family start your lives in your new house.


  • You need to be certain that the air in your home is safe to breathe 
  • There is debris in places you might think to clean normally
  • Dust settles in unusual places and can be detrimental to your health 

Construction creates visible dust and particles such as sawdust and drywall dust, as well as a surprising amount of invisible pieces. The dust and even fumes released into your home and ventilation system throughout the construction process can be harmful to your lungs and overall health. Safely removing all of these allergens and components is vital to starting your life in your new home off on the right foot.

Start With a Rough Clean

This first stage of post-construction cleanup involves removing the big stuff. This is when you will rid your home of the obvious mess. If the construction crew left behind scraps of building materials or packaging or noticeable dust or debris, start your cleaning by removing these items. This stage may include:

  • Removal of any leftover construction debris
  • Tackling any small spots of paint, caulking, or residue from adhesive
  • Wiping down glass surfaces such as windows or doors
  • Removing stickers or labels from new appliances or fixtures
  • Washing down walls, baseboards, and door frames
  • Sweeping and vacuuming floors
  • Wiping down window shades or blinds

Move On to the Deep Clean

After you’ve knocked out the rough clean, now it’s time to start the more thorough deep cleaning process. Cleaning your new construction home in stages ensures that any dirt or dust that is being moved around and has settled in hidden places in removed before you and your family set up in your new space. For this process, it’s best to start cleaning in the innermost part of the home and work your way down and outward.

  • Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Clean windows, glass doors, and shower stalls using a squeegee
  • Wash cabinets, walls, doors, and baseboards
  • Wipe down lightbulbs and dust light fixtures with a soft, dry cloth
  • Remove dust from vents and HVAC filters with a vacuum cleaner
  • Steam clean hard floors and carpets
  • Wipe down the insides of cabinets and drawers

Fighting the Fine Dust

Fine dust tends to be the toughest element to remove during your post-construction cleanup. This dust is dangerous to inhale and can also cause damage to delicate electronics if it finds its way into your HVAC system or other mechanical systems or items.


Using a barely damp microfiber cloth is the best method for containing this dust. If the cloth is too wet, the dust will turn into mud or paste and a dry cloth just moves the dust around. Bringing a damp cloth across floors and walls will pick up the dust so you can remove it and start with all clean surfaces throughout your home. For cleaning dust particles from carpets, a wet/dry vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter works best to trap all of the dust.

Time for Touchups

After you’ve finished your deep clean, it’s not uncommon for another layer of dust to appear on flat surfaces in your home. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any dust from the walls and flat surfaces as well as any smudges or fingerprints from glass and appliances.

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