Messy Kitchen? Try These 5 Tips for How to Organize Your Kitchen

how to organize your kitchen

There’s a reason the kitchen is known as the heart of the home. It’s where you cook your meals and where your family comes together to enjoy them. It’s often the place where school children do their homework or share details of their day. And it’s a gathering place for company when you entertain.   

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it’s probably a very busy place. That is why a disorganized kitchen can truly impede the smooth functioning of your home. While it may seem overwhelming, the good news is that it’s not difficult to get a handle on kitchen clutter. Some relatively simple kitchen organization tips can make this seemingly difficult task much more manageable. 

how to organize your kitchen

Read on for the best tips for how to organize your kitchen

1. Maximize your cabinet, pantry, and drawer space 

Stretching your drawer and cabinet space is one of the most useful organizing tips for kitchen storage. For example, if there is a lot of excess space between the top of your items and the next shelf, consider moving your shelves up or down. Shelf risers are another great way to add more space and keep your plates and glasses tidy. In some cases, they can even double the storage space in your cabinets! For hangable objects such as measuring spoons or cups, mount hooks on the inside of cabinet drawers. 

In your pantry, bins can make it easier to categorize and find food items, while spice racks that go in drawers can save counter space and help creative cooks locate those they use most often. There are dozens of kitchen organizer ideas to purchase on Amazon, at The Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and other retailers. 

2. Get ruthless with gadgets and appliances 

When it comes to appliances, even professional cooks and bakers can get by with a few small appliances, such as a food processor, a blender, an electric mixer, a pressure cooker, and an electric kettle. 

The same goes for gadgets that serve only one purpose. Maybe that apple slicer or asparagus cooker seemed like a great idea when you added it to your wedding registry, but, likely, you aren’t using it enough to allow it to take up space. Unless you use it regularly, consider donating it. Super sharp knives, a whisk, and spatulas are often the only gadgets you need. 

3. Out with the old 

One of the most basic tips when it comes to how to organize your kitchen is to toss anything that doesn’t work correctly or is past its expiration date. Start with your pantry. Canned goods last a long time, but if they are dented or otherwise damaged, toss them. Rancid cooking oils, old vitamins, stale snacks, and expired condiments and spices go in the trash bin as well! Throw away those old takeout condiments or chopsticks and you’ll most definitely be able to live without chipped dishes or stained dish towels that smell like mildew. 

4. Sort your plastic containers 

Reusable food storage containers are a fabulous addition to any kitchen, but when they aren’t orderly, you won’t be able to find one when you need it. Even worse, you might not be able to find the appropriate lid! Undershelf baskets save space and pull-out trays can make it easier to find what you’re looking for. To avoid that dreaded lid problem, buy a plastic lid organizer. There are loads of different styles and sizes on the market. 

5.  Keep cooking utensils accessible 

There are many organization options when it comes to items that you want to keep close at hand, such as cooking utensils. Use vertical space by hanging them onto the side of cabinets, install a pegboard, mount a magnetic knife strip, or buy a big crock-style utensil holder (made of metal or ceramic). 

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